Potatoes and beets (handmade) kiln

In the past farmers used the kiln as one of the best and excellent manners for baked potatoes and beets on the farmland. Kiln is a cone-shaped structure that was made of clods on top of each other. The height of the kiln, depended on the number of potatoes or beets, sometimes up to about one meter and its base reached up about seventy centimeters. In the bottom of the kiln was a valve which they put firewood inside it. When the firewood burned, The kiln clod wall was reached to the proper temperature, extinguished the kiln and block the valve with clods and created a small hole in the top of the kiln, Potatoes or beets were gradually poured from the top of the kiln and at the same time, the wall would break it down into the inside on the potatoes and beets. At the end, for kiln temperature does not go out, they covered it with soil. After about an hour potatoes or beets, which were very tasty and delicious with this baked method, they were ready to eat.

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