Entrance Vestibule

The Vestibule is an indoor and rectangular space that was built at the main entrance of the courtyard. The entrance to the main entrance was important to Amir Heshmat, and farmers were not allowed to enter to this door. The entrance door of each building can be the most important factor of monitoring the relationship. In the most general and simplest form, the relationship was interrupted by closing the entrance door and then the connection was established whenever the guards decided. There are two types of notifying devices: Kobe and Ring (instruments for knocker the door in the past) on the entrance door for men and women and stone bench near next to the door are examples of relationship control methods

for people that did not have allowed entry into the castle they waited here for the landlord. In the vestibule was embedded stone bench for sitting so people did not get tired of standing in the vestibule

معرفی اتاق های هشتی ورودی


. On the west side of the Entrance vestibule corridor, there are two rooms and in the east side there is a room that place of guards and vicegerents of Amir Heshmat to control entry and exit and to completion of administrative affairs and keep count of representatives and workers of villages individuals under the government’s administration.