The Opening Ceremony of Restoring the Historic Mishijan Castle

At the presence of respectable Misters Seyyed Mahdi Sadati, the Khomein general governor, Mohammad-Ebrahim Rezaei, the representative  of the noble Khomeini people at the Islamic Consultative  Assembly of Iran, Seyyed Mohammad Hoseini, The manager general of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization (ICHTO) at Markazi Province, and some other local authorities including the Islamic Consultative members of Mishijan village and Zabihollah Panahi the engineer, the restoration manager of the historic Mishijan castle, the restoration of  this historic castle was inaugurated officially during a ceremony.

Having welcomed the respectable audiences, Mr. Panahi presented the history of this castle, first. He enunciated maintaining the regional culture and history and helping to create jobs and economic prosperity, especially at Mishijan village, among the purposes of restoring this historic castle. He also sought the respectable provincial authority’s assistance for restoring it even better.

Thanking Mr. Panahi for restoring this historic castle, Mr. Rezaei the respectable representative of Khomein at the Islamic Consultative Assembly called paying attention to the historic monuments as a public duty, then, which not only does maintain the Islamic-Iranian culture, but also makes the creation of some jobs and the regional economic prosperity. He also evaluated considering economic and cultural activities as very important in current domestic condition of Iran.

Expressing his satisfaction from the restoration inauguration of the historic Mishijan Castle, Mr. Hoseini, The manager general of ICHTO at Markazi Province announced the possibility of any type of assistance by that headquarter.

Finally, supporting the restoration of this historic heritage, Mr. Sadati, the respectable Governor General of Khomein County, called this action a step towards its development. Thanking Mr. Panahi the engineer, he sought a better and more accurate planning and finishing the work at the due date. He also invited the related administrative organization to help to restore this castle.

It must be noted that the Historic Mishijan Castle, a Qajar monument, is built in an about one-hectare square meters garden at Mishijan village, five kilometers from  Khomein County located in South Markazi, Iran. This valuable building is unfortunately damaged seriously due to lack of proper maintenance in recent years. Its restoration and repair is already inaugurated. As a tourist attraction of this region, this historical castle can contribute to employment and economic prosperity of this region when restored.

Friday, 28 August ۲۰۱۵

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